Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds – Back the way we came – Vol. 1 – 2011-2021



  1. Everybody’s on the run
  2. The death of you and me
  3. AKA … What a life
  4. If I had a gun
  5. In the heat of the moment
  6. Riverman
  7. Lock all the doors
  8. The dying of the light
  9. Ballad of the mighty I
  10. We’re on our way now


  1. Black star dancing
  2. Holy mountain (remastered)
  3. A dream is all I need to get by
  4. This is the place
  5. It’s a beautiful world
  6. Blue moon rising
  7. Dead in the water (live at RTE 2FM Studios, Dublin)
  8. Flying on the ground

Bonus CD

  1. It’s a beautiful world (instrumental)
  2. If I had a gun (acoustic version)
  3. Black star dancing (Skeleton key remix)
  4. Black star dancing (12″ mix instrumental)
  5. The man who built the moon (acoustic version)
  6. International magic (demo)
  7. Blue moon rising (Sons of the desert remix)
  8. The dying of the light (acoustic version_
  9. This is the place (Skeleton key remix)
  10. This is the place (instrumental)
  11. Black star dancing (The reflex revision)
  12. Be careful what you wish for (instrumental)

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