Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds – Council skies



  1. I’m not giving up tonight
  2. Pretty boy
  3. Dead to the world
  4. Open the door, see what you find
  5. Trying to find a world that’s been and gone pt. 1
  6. Easy now
  7. Council skies
  8. There she blows!
  9. Love is a rich guy
  10. Think of a number

CD 2

  1. Don’t stop…
  2. We’re gonna get there in the end
  3. Mind games
  4. Pretty boy (instrumental)
  5. Dead to the world (instrumental)
  6. Council skies (instrumental)
  7. Think of a number (instrumental)
  8. I’m not giving up tonight (David Holmes remix)
  9. Think of a number (Pet Shop Boys magic eye 12″ remix)
  10. Pretty boy (Robert Smith remix)
  11. Council skies (The Reflex revision)
  12. Flying on the ground (Radio 2 session)
  13. You ain’t goin’ nowhere (Radio 2 session)
  14. Live forever (Radio 2 session)

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