Ilse Delange – Here I am 1998 – 2003


  1. I”m Not So Tough
  2. World Of Hurt
  3. I”d Be Yours
  4. When We Don”t Talk
  5. Livin” On Love
  6. I Still Cry
  7. Shine Feat. Rosemary”s Sons (with Rosemary”s Sons)
  8. No Reason To Be Shy
  9. Heavenless
  10. Let Go
  11. I Almost Believed
  12. Wouldn”t That Be Something
  13. All The Answers
  14. Have A Little Faith In Me (Live Bonustrack)
  15. Before You Let Me Go (Live Bonustrack) (Kane Feat. Ilse Delange)
  16. All The Answers (Live Bonustrack)

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